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bigger, better, and hopefully more frequent!

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got my cargo collective up and running, check out my online portfolio at !!!

let me know what you think! almost the entirety of my first year’s work at art school is up there eeeep. they’ve been graded now and it didn’t all go down in flames! huzzah.

Made myself a little zen nest to de-stress.

dear followers:

If you like my art on tumblr you should check out my instagram where I post quite a lot of stuff on! it would be suuuuper appreciated :’)

sad stylish boy, doodled on a napkin.
I’ve only been studying at this cafe for three hours and I already feel restless, I have no idea where all my old discipline has gone

I don’t know what I’m doing + I’ve never used oils before


I’ve only just finished season 2 of Korra (insanely late, i’m aware) because i was so put off by the tantrums she and mako were throwing and left the season midway. Glad that things did get better though but even so I still didn’t feel the same sort of awe I did at the end of season 1. Wan’s story was cool though, was hella into that lemur spirit fella

Also was it just me or did the ending remind you somewhat of the balrog fighting dr. manhattan on the set of pacific rim?

it’s been a while since the last straightforward photoshop speed paint… who’da thunk art school would be the cause

I’m doing a lot more stuff on my instagram than I am on here lately, I’m not quite sure why. if you’re interested for whatever reason more frequent updates will be happening on there (◕‿◕✿)

also I’m thinking of opening up commissions- would any of you be interested?

hi celine, i applied to ECA as well via ucas and they told me they would have portfolios assessed by feb and if successful, have applicants interviewed between 27th and 14th of march? i've heard nothing from them yet but it's almost the 14th of march so i'm a little worried. what was your application process similar? thank you so much x


are you an overseas applicant? as far as I’m aware international applicants don’t get interviewed, I don’t know if that’s changed since last year but that was the case for me! I didn’t get my offer till quite late, definitely past this time last year- I think they were the second to last uni to get back to me. ECA can be a bit all over the place with admin, they’re definitely not sorting things out at the same pace as the main university so don’t go expecting the worst just yet!! best of luck to you! :) 

Went to the surgeon’s hall to do some snazzy observational drawings of super old specimens… what fun.

Still doing doodle a day on my instagram, going strong!!

#doodleaday is going strong. I’m not posting everything on here, but I’m posting the ones I think turned out better than usual. Please spare a moment of your time to go check it out on my instagram, it would mean the world to me!

I went to a Louise Bourgeois symposium today.

The most recent project: a 150 x130 cm acrylic painting of a photoshop composite of some pictures of guts I took a couple years ago.
It’s not finished due to the time constraints (we had less than four days to do it) and I should’ve probably cropped down to manage the immense amount of detail in the plan but I’m a big ol’ idiot who jumped the gun a little too quickly. I think I’ll keep working on it even though this project is over; I don’t feel quite ready to let go of it yet.

I was obsessed with this model, you could see every bone shift under her skin every time she moved

I’ve been absolutely terrible at posting on here, but I swear I’ve been making things at art school!
These are two 30 minute sketches from my weekly art and anatomy class which is quite intense but super duper fun